Dog treats

Dogs sometimes train best if they have high value rewards to work for.

For some dogs this merely means good food!

Some ideas
– jerky cut into small pieces
– string cheese
– liver that has been dried or cooked
– squeeze cheese (from an agility list) I’ve never seen this product myself
– Wieners/hotdogs cut into small pieces – either fresh or put through a deyhydrator
– cooked chicken, beef,
– tuna/salmon cakes

The following recipes came to me courtesy of the agility group from Yahoo groups which is no longer functioning as far as I can tell.

To make Beef liver:
Place tin foil over cookie sheets (almost no clean up this way). Place liver in single layers on the cookie sheets. Sprinkle liberally with garlic powder. Bake at 250′ for 30 minutes. Flip over, liberally sprinkle with garlic powder, bake for 30 minutes at 250′. Cool in fridge. Cut into long slices, then into pencil eraser size pieces. Easiest done when meat is cold. Freeze in the amounts needed for one training session.

To make Fat free weiners pieces
Cut wieners length wise into 4 pieces. Then cut the 4 lengths into little pencil size pieces. PLEASE NOTE that when sooked they will increase in size approx. by 4 times thier present size when raw.
Take 4 sheets of paper towel and lay them on top of each other on a microwave safe plate.
Take the weinre pieces and place them all over the plate and paper towels in a single layer. Don’t be stingie – – put them all over. They can touch each other, just not layers of them :o)
Here’s the tricky part – knowing your microwave.
Try some samples first! A few pieces for each trail.
With my microwave it is 9 minutes on high. DO NOT OPEN THE MICROWAVE until the time is up! If you do, the pieces will not puff up, but turn into hard little cement pieces…. and burn.
So – try your microwave timing out until you get the right results. Nice, puffed up little pieces of fat free weiner pieces.
By cooking them this way – as the fat/oils bubble on the weiner while cooking – it soaks up into the papertowel and off of the weiner.
I do not keep these refrigerated. I just put them in a container in my treat cuboard :o)

To Make Meat cakes.
Take a can of any meat – tuna, salmon, turkey, chicken, etc.
Open can and empty into a bowl – juice and all. Add 1 cup of flour, 1 egg and vegetable oil. Enough vegetable oil to get the mixture to JUST stick together. This amount varies depending on how much juice is in your can of meat. Each can and type of meat is different.
Mix together. Make little cakes and place on a cookie sheet. Bake for 30 minutes at 250′.


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