Go Versus Get Out

My question is does a dog understand Go and Get Out as different
commands? I noticed in a training exercise that I would say Get out
for a parallel sideways obstacle but Go for a straight ahead
obstacle. But then when I was doing a push forward in a circle of
obstacles I was saying Get out Jump, and continued with the Get out
command. However, the dog is actually Going straight ahead to the
next obstacle so it really is a Go. I am also working my dog in
Utility and I am currently working on Go outs. I say Go Touch for
this command, but principally the word Go remains in the command.
Should I stick to the Go command only? Is there a need for Get out.

‘ll jump in….it depends how you have trained it.

My dog knows ‘go’ as go straight ahead and ‘get out’ as move out from me,
don’t change leads but take the obstacle out there and ‘away’ as make a
(usually) 180 degree turn away from me, change leads and take that obstacle.

BUT it depends on where his head is….if he is looking IN at me, then even
a jump that is technically straight ahead of where he ‘should’ be heading
becomes a ‘get out’–to get his head to look back out. If he were looking
IN at me and I said ‘go’, I believe he would have every right to take the
obstacle that is closer to me (ie…it’s a ‘go’ because he is looking in at


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