Building an Agility Table

I also built a table using scrap 4×4 piece of plywood and some pvc plumbing pieces. First I attached round drain type pieces in each corner. Then I put 4 inch round (or 3 depending on the end of the drain piece) for each of the legs and capped the bottom to keep bees out. I love this set up because the legs can be easily removed to adjust the height — my dogs are 20″, but my friend has an 8″dog–we can use the same equipment. – courtesty of Patricia through Agility-L yahoo group

To find another way to build a table, check out this link from Sue Fleig.

Here is another type of table.

To purchase a kit for making your own table, you can check out Agility Kits. Note: these types of places often show you what’s in their kit, and from that you could probably make your own as long as you can find the correct pieces.

If you come across any other ways of making an agility table, please let me know. I’d be happy to list them here.


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