Making a Small Contact Trainer

From Karen through agility-equipment yahoo group

Here are instructions for a small and cheap Contact Trainer I built
to use in my living room. Perfect for practicing our 2-on/2-offs in
the house! The dimensions are 2’x 2’when folded, and materials cost
all of $33.75 at Home Depot. Feel free to fancy up my plans in your
own way!

2 – 2’x 2′ pieces of sub-floor ($8 each, in the plywood dept.)
2 – 12″ door hinges ($5 each)
2 – eyebolts ($.50 each)
2 – s-hooks ($.25 each)
1 – 2 1/2′ piece of chain ($1.25)
1 – can of yellow spray paint ($2.50)
1 – can of blue spray paint ($2.50)

tools: screwdriver, plus a hammer-n-nail or drill to start holes
pliers to close s-hooks
time: 1 hour or less

1. lay boards flat on floor and up against each other on one edge
2. attach the two door hinges along that edge
3. attach an eyebolt to the underside of each board, 6″ up from
bottom edge and centered
4. attach chain to the eyebolts with s-hooks
5. take outside and spray paint, 10′ of yellow, 14′ of blue

There you have it!

These can also be purchased ready made. What they are good for is training contact behaviour which is really important to do. Much training is devoted to this behaviour. They are good for small backyards, in the house, and so forth. Nice for training puppies since you don’t need them to access big equipment that, being puppies, they might fall off of and hurt themselves. Mind you, an even cheaper and safer way to train contact behaviours is to use steps. Or a piece of wood that can be leaned up against different things.


6 thoughts on “Making a Small Contact Trainer

  1. I’m intrigued by your description of a contact trainer, but I’m sure I don’t understand what you’ve done. Your materials include 2 pieces of 2′ X 2′ sub floor, but then your painting instructions say “spray paint, 10′ or yellow, 14′ of blue. Where does that extra 20 feet come from?

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