Making a Tire Jump

Tire jumps are one of the hardest pieces of equipment to make properly.   You do want to be careful with this one to make sure that it is built safely to prevent your dog from injuring him/herself.

NADAC strongly promotes dog safety in it’s trials.   OF course that doesn’t mean that other organizations don’t.  But that’s what pops into my head when I think of safety.  This is a frame recommended by Nada.  They like the displaceable tire frame, of which there are a few on the market.

Do Note that tire jumps are a safe piece of equipment as long as your dog takes it correctly.  As the handler you need to make sure that it learns how to do this.   That means straight on approaches, not using any part of the frame for launching, and going straight through the middle of the hoop.

Mega-dogs lists two tire jumps.    Emry’s Corgis show one as well.   From CampBandy we find this one.    And the one from DogbeGood.

There are other ones listed on the web. Check them out.  When I made mine I looked at all the different ones out there, scratched out my own ideas and then built one.  It took me longer to figure out how to do it than it did to actually put it together.   I left the bases UNGLUED so that I could take it apart in the winter for easier storage.  This of course makes it harder to keep it upright in wind storms, but then when it falls, it lies flat so I don’t have to worry about it whirling off on me and hurting one of the dogs or a person either.


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