A Whine-Free Trial

I have received this one a few times as well.

I wonder what a trial would be like if: (my favorite whine list)

ALL negativity was totally eliminated, understanding that this weekend activity must be treated as a fun thing to do, for all, and worth traveling many hours to participate in.

No one complained about the lack of volunteers. Everyone made a worthy attempt to chip in.

No one put another team down to make themselves look better. Only words of encouragement were shared.

All Masters level people encouraged, supported, and volunteered to work the novice classes, and every novice run was punctuated with cheers of genuine joy.

There are no issues of safety, and every course could be run with smooth, yet challenging flow, where all entries to obstacles were at an angle conducive to the movement of the dogs.

No breed or inner-breed comparisons are made, and every instance of diversity was appreciated. Where all dogs are pets that happen to perform, rather than performance dogs we happen to occasionally pet.

A teams abilities are not publicly judged by the exhibitors, but thoroughly enjoyed as entertainment.

Everyone felt they got their moneys worth.

And above all ….. where placing a higher need to do the right things outweighed an individuals need (IE. self-serving interests) to be right.

My point of posting this is by identifying my favorite whines, I now make myself accountable NOT to encourage or participate in such shallow behavior(s).

A Past Whine Connoisseur,


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