First Aid Kit for Dogs

What kind of stuff should you have on hand when travelling with your dogs?

Mind, you have to take some advice with a grain of salt

You need to consider what  you are comfortable with and what your dog can handle.

  • triple antibiotic ointment for cuts and scrapes
  • pepto bismol pills for stress induced diarrhea
  • aspirin basic soreness
  • vet wrap
  • ace wrap
  • gauze
  • thermometer( if my dog gets sick on the road, I want to know temperature)
  • eye wash (barn dust eye irritations)
  • old pair of pantyhose for restraining a dog’s muzzle in case it gets badly hurt, keeps YOU from being bitten
  • Plywood or an old blanket for lifting/transporting an injured dog
  • Basic medical records
  • Benadryl – a topical type in case bitten by something nasty (i.e. fire ants)
  • Tweezers
  • Tourniquet (learn how to use it!)
  • Gloves
  • Extra leash
  • Baggie if bitten by some toxic critter (to put critter in)
  • Scissors
  • Feminine napkin to help control bleeding
  • Meds for dog if on any

Take a first aid course for Dogs.  You just may find it invaluable.

Or read a book such as this one: First Aid and Emergency Care by Roger W. Gfeller. et al.

Having knowledge of where the after hours vet clinic is near to wherever you are going is important.

If you don’t want to make your own emergency bag, it is easy enough to get one.  for instance here is one.


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