Insect repellant ideas

Question posed on Agilcan yahoo group.

Can anyone recommend a dog friendly insect repellent – something that
deters flies as well as mosquitoes would be great. Vendor/retailer
name is helpful too.

Answers given

UltraSheild horse fly spray, advertises that it is safe to use on dogs

Debbie says

I live in the mosquito capital of Eastern Ontario and I use Natrapel on my cockers and setters. It is available from Mountain Equipment Co-op. I just spray it behind their ears and down the centre of their spine (areas they normally don’t lick) and the places the bugs seem to land most. It lasts for several hours

Then there is Sadie’s Place which has a body guard product.

A homeopathic recipe: Mix 1 oz Oil of Geranium mixed with 8 oz Witch Hazel in a spray bottle. Shake before each use because the oil will float to the top.

A sheet of Fleecy (fabric softener) is supposed to work as well. Rub it all over the dog (particularly areas bugs gather). Hang it from their kennel/hutch etc.


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