What RV is best for traveling with dogs?

The question was asked last year on the AGILE dog network.

What RV is best for traveling with dogs?

Mind you, this is a somewhat subjective topic, but these are the results that Terri listed for the group after she asked this question.

So many asked for me to post results from RV question that I thought it would be faster for me to just post it here, sorry for the OT. Thanks to everyone who provided so much information for us RV wannabes.

Class A or C
Class A won hands down, but those with Class C’s really love them as well, but many people went from Class C to A. The reasons given for the Class A choice were pretty much the same across the board. Class C cockpit small and uncomfortable on long drive. Class A has more and better use of space both in the floor plan and in the storage area below. The Class A chassis can hold more weight than the C, which is important when you consider all the stuff you are putting in it when you head to a trial. Hands down of those who had driven the Class A and had driven a Class C said that they found the A easier to drive and that the learning curve is much shorter with the A because it is so different from the van like quality of the C. The van like quality of the C ( a reason many people buy it as their first RV) does sometimes provide you with a false sense of vehicle size. The Class A is more expensive to insure and taller so you need to be aware of that as well.

Questions to ask when looking

  • Do you have big dogs or small dogs?
  • Are you going to be an inside person or outside when parked?
  • Are you planning to crate when riding or seat belt dogs? Interestingly most people do a mix of this, younger in crates, older with belts.
  • How much weight will you be carrying, gear, dogs, food, cloths etc.?
  • Are you comfortable in the seats for driving and riding?
  • What kind of fuel do you want to use?
  • How loud is it on the inside when going down the road?
  • How comfortable are the beds for sleeping?
  • How loud is it on the inside when sitting (sometimes neighbors are loud)?
  • How big are the slides and how much room is lost when they come in (can you still move through the RV when in, as many times you may not open when parked for a quick overnight)?

RV Advice

  • Don’t go too small
  • Buy used if you can but buy a upper model used as quality is better
  • Get the outside shower attachment
  • Can use the wardrobe area for crates when you take off doors
  • Look hard at floor plans where they add space and where they take away, do you need a large bath or would you rather have more living space
  • Bring measuring tape and or crates with you to see how it will fit
  • Make sure you can fit all your stuff in the storage and you can get at it easily
  • First time you might want to buy from a dealership as the support system is better
  • Do lots of homework before you go out to the dealership to save time, know the model you are interested in and the length and floor plan

2 thoughts on “What RV is best for traveling with dogs?

  1. Yes, I know, that personal preference often outweighs all other considerations. All I did was list one persons research and findings in the hopes that people who have no clue about what to look for or think about at least have a starting place.

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