Are Turkey necks safe feeding?

Another frequent question on raw feeding boards is: are turkey necks safe to feed one’s dog?

Yes and no.  🙂   I know, incredibly helpful that isn’t it?      The question becomes, how does one know then if they are safe for one’s dog?

You have to know your dog.  You have to follow safe feeding protocols.

For instance, I have two dogs.  One gulps everything he possibly can, the other is a very careful chewer.  Dog one receives all meals frozen otherwise he will try to swallow a turkey neck whole  NOT SAFE (nor pleasant to deal with the aftermath)!  the other gets food semi-thawed as she is safe to feed most anything.

Some people own and/or feed canines who don’t like frozen food, and are gulpers.  These folks should NOT feed their dogs turkey necks until such time as they teach their dog how to eat them safely.  Some dogs never learn.

A better option for most folks is to feed chicken necks.

Mind you I must say this as well.  Turkey necks in and of themselves is not enough food for a dog to eat.   They need MEAT!  Lots of meat!   Turkey necks are good for providing good chewing for dogs, they have some meat, but insufficient meat in and of themselves.    They have too much bone to them!   Will result in a dog having a very hard time going “potty”.   If you are doing to feed turkey necks, make them half of what the meal portion is, add meat alone OR a meat/veggie/leftover mix to them to balance out their real protein requirements.


8 thoughts on “Are Turkey necks safe feeding?

  1. My little westie eats so nicely (no other dogs to take his food) and slowly, so I’ll be fine this Christmas giving him the turkey neck and some turkey too! Never heard of dogs liking frozen or partly thawed food – my dog likes his slightly warm and only eats chicken or turkey.

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  3. We have 2 Pit Bulls and was advised by our vet to NOT give them raw or baked bones, even though the marrow is really good for them. The bones can break and shard their intestines and stomach. If you have a pressure cooker, use it! It’s soften the bone to a crumble and pressurize the juices back into the bone. My girls LOVE IT!! You can also boil the bone in a GOOD vacuum sealed bag (one that’s good for boiling) and soften the bone that way.

  4. every vet is different eh? 🙂 some vets are quite knowledgeable about raw feeding and know that many bones are just fine for dogs to eat RAW! it is cooked bones that can and will splinter. raw bones tend to be fine unless you have a gulper in which case you must teach them to slow down (aka you can hold the bone for them to force them to chew slowly).

  5. Just fed my 25kg beautiful mixed breed mut her first (raw) turkey neck. Just half the neck actually as a whole one was 500gms, Who knew turkey necks were so huge?..Anyway, served it with some rice n vegies. She loved it!!!

  6. Just picked up some turkey necks from a local poultry farm. They are literally three times the size of the last neck I fed him (which also happened to be the first). Now I am a bit worried that they are too large. Any idea if I can put the necks through the meat grinder to use for different meals? he is just 10 months, and a labrador. That means he inhales his food. When I feed bone, I always hold it for him so I control the size of the chunks he takes off… but at 10 months I am wondering if the vertebrae in the turkey neck are too big?? any ideas??

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