Feeding Liver or other organ meats

There are many dogs out there who don’t like to eat organ meats when initially offered to them.  So one needs to be creative in how to offer.

Liver is one of those organs which is actually just as good cooked as it is raw so first try cooking it!

If cooking it, or even lightly searing it doesn’t work, try the following:

  1. chop it into small pieces
  2. Mix it with something else such as veggies or ground meat.
  3. freeze it
  4. sprinkle it with parmesan cheese
  5. make a game with it, as in, you act like it’s the worlds’ best thing and then offer it to your dog.  (hopefully will be so eager to have it that gulps it down without thinking)
  6. hide it inside a roast, make a slit in a chicken leg
  7. if all else fails… let your dog go hungry until he eats it OR
  8. try some other type of animals organ meat.  Some hate poultry organs but will happily down beef, pork or other animal organs.

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