Raw feeding, what is it?

Raw feeding takes usually one of two main forms

BARF style or whole prey feeding.  Both advocate feeding RMBS (raw MEATY bones to dogs) one adds veggies/leftovers the other looks at feeding the whole animal as much as can be had.  Both advocate feeding 2-3% of your dogs ideal adult weight each day.   Neither group cares if you feed your dog once or twice or more per day.  Some folks will feed a huge meal one day, and skip a day, and then feed a small meal and so forth.  HUGE variety in how actually to provide meals to your dog.  Both groups agree that 10% of the diet needs to consist of organ meat (liver making up 50% of that amount).

BARF style takes the approach that dogs need more than meat and bones to survive well.  Their stance is that mushing up veggies provides added nutrients to a meat source that in today’s highly processed society are important to have.    This group will add supplements if they think the dog needs them.    This group is also okay with folks cooking meals for their dogs if it benefits their dog (just not cooking the bones).

The whole prey group will agree that veggies will not harm your dog, but say that there is NO need at all to add them, as long as your dog is getting all the different parts of an animal from a variety of meat sources.

Whole prey model: meat and bones ONLY.  no supplements, no veggies, no nothing other than prey animal to be given.  if possible serve with fur/feather/scales attached.

Both groups have their points of merit.   Veggies don’t hurt, so why not feed the dogs your leftovers after grinding them up a bit?  Leftovers won’t hurt, so why not add them?  Whole prey won’t hurt, so why not do that?  It makes it confusing for the novice raw feeder.  What do they do?  How do they make their decisions?

As the person who feeds the dog in your life you have to decide what you can live with.  Can you handle feeding your dog a whole rabbit?  Can you handle chopping a chicken into four quarters?  Are you able to give your dog some raw meat and just let them go at it?  Are you in a living situation where you can get meat from a whole variety of sources?  Cow or Pig heads anyone?   Or do you just want to go to the grocery store or butcher and purchase inexpensive meat and give it to your dog?  Are you okay with running a food processor to chop up those veggies that you aren’t eating with your supper?

You are the one who has to work it out for yourself.  People will gladly advise you … usually to the method they prefer, but they will help.  YOU have to make the decision as to what you can live with.

My choice is based on simple finances.   It is cheaper for me to feed a mix of leftovers (I have family members who frequently don’t eat all their meals), veggies, ground meat and RMB’s than it is for me to whole prey model.  It’s 2-3 hours of work individually bagging meals every 6 weeks or so.  I stick them in the freezer, all ready to go, means ANYONE can feed my dogs without it being a big issue for them.  All human grade food so I don’t have to worry about salmonella or other nasty bugs floating about the place.     That’s MY decision.  You need to make YOUR decision.


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