Car Sick Puppy/dog

What are ways to help a dog or puppy that gets car sick.

  1.  realize that puppy might out-grow the need to be car-sick.
  2. Dramanine, Meclizine, Wal-DramII or Bonine  – slightly different meds that do the same thing, but one might work where another doesn’t
  3. Putting a crate up high so he can see out
  4. Opening a window
  5. start with really short trips
  6. give a bone to chew on
  7. teach dog to let you know if would be ill so you can pull over for it to vomit and then continue on your way
  8. drive more conservatively
  9. give gingersnap cookies, or ginger tea
  10. go on a few really long trips, somehow that can help dog adjust to vehicle motion
  11. don’t feed too much before traveling (if at all) this though depends on the dog since some dogs get sick on a empty tummy.  It’s a case of having to know your dog
  12. Be careful where you place them in the car – some dogs front seat, some dogs middle of vehicle, some crated so can’t see passing scenery from side view,  Once again, a case of try it out, see what works for individual dog
  13. Perhaps invest in larger vehicle, less car sickness in vans
  14. Realize that many dogs will out-grow car sickness, but some never do, whether it’s a conditioned response, or an actual effect of vehicular travel.  All one can do then is determine how to live with it (extra bedding and showers)

3 thoughts on “Car Sick Puppy/dog

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