Fish Oil

One of the things I keep running into on the various dog lists that I’m part of, is giving dogs a supplement of fish oil.

I have not exactly figured out why this seems so important to people, but a lot of questions go into the amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6’s that are in the different types one can purchase.

This article in the Chronicle online talks abit about the pros and cons of farmed vs wild caught fish.

On the one hand, farmed salmon has more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than wild salmon. On the other hand, it also tends to have much higher levels of chemical contaminants that are known to cause cancer, memory impairment and neurobehavioral changes in children. What’s a consumer to do?

It’s a bit of a question, which is why I suppose many people do the fish oil capsule, seeing it as a safer alternative.

Then of course comes the question, how does one figure out the dose to give your dog.  Most fish oil capsules are meant for human consumption, so how does one figure out how much a toy breed needs, and how much a giant dog needs?

Grizzly Salmon Oil tells us this:

Omega-3s (and one omega-6) are considered important fatty acids because they are critical for good health. They are essential building blocks your dog and cat needs for a healthy heart and strong immune system.

This site goes on to say that their products are at an optimum 5:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6.  Not sure if that helps with figuring out how much to administer or not.

People give fish oil to help with allergies, bad coat, itchy skin and so forth.

Of course what you could do is catch a fish, and after freezing it, check with the Wildlife ministry folks to see what is safe to eat for what weight of person, and then just do your math for your dogs weight and then feed your dog accordingly.

What can I say?   I don’t have all the answers.   Just putting the information out there so that people can think about and start doing some of their own research into the topic.


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