Other agility commands

If you are just starting out in agility, or wanting to retrain a performance, this list might get you started on what to use for commands for the equipment.  It is by no means exhaustive, but it might help.

There is of course the option of running the course silently and just using well-timed body language to assist your dog around the course as well.


  • table
  • bang
  • spot


  • poles
  • weave
  • shhshhh
  • go through
  • ¬†snake
  • wiggle


  • say nothing, just indicate
  • hup
  • up
  • over
  • jump
  • big (for spread jumps)


  • bang
  • teeter
  • see-saw

Dog walk

  • walk it
  • climb


  • tunnel
  • go through
  • zoom
  • pipe
  • zip
  • cave

Commands For the A-frame

It has come to my attention that people use a variety of commands for the different obstacles that are found in the sport of agility.

One of those obstacles is the A-frame. one lady on the agile dog digest did a survey.

The commands vary

  • a
  • a-frame
  • a-up
  • attack
  • charge
  • climb
  • flight-up
  • fly
  • frame
  • get up
  • get it
  • giddy up
  • go a
  • go kennel
  • go up
  • hit it
  • load up
  • over
  • ramp
  • rockit
  • scramble
  • scraper
  • touch
  • up
  • up over
  • up up
  • walk it
  • walk up
  • wall
  • wedge

The most common are: scramble, walk it, and frame.

For me personally, I use the same command for the dog walk and the a-frame. The only thing I do different with the a-frame is the command wait at the top so that she doesn’t decide to fly off the bottom.