Commands For the A-frame

It has come to my attention that people use a variety of commands for the different obstacles that are found in the sport of agility.

One of those obstacles is the A-frame. one lady on the agile dog digest did a survey.

The commands vary

  • a
  • a-frame
  • a-up
  • attack
  • charge
  • climb
  • flight-up
  • fly
  • frame
  • get up
  • get it
  • giddy up
  • go a
  • go kennel
  • go up
  • hit it
  • load up
  • over
  • ramp
  • rockit
  • scramble
  • scraper
  • touch
  • up
  • up over
  • up up
  • walk it
  • walk up
  • wall
  • wedge

The most common are: scramble, walk it, and frame.

For me personally, I use the same command for the dog walk and the a-frame. The only thing I do different with the a-frame is the command wait at the top so that she doesn’t decide to fly off the bottom.


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