Other agility commands

If you are just starting out in agility, or wanting to retrain a performance, this list might get you started on what to use for commands for the equipment.  It is by no means exhaustive, but it might help.

There is of course the option of running the course silently and just using well-timed body language to assist your dog around the course as well.


  • table
  • bang
  • spot


  • poles
  • weave
  • shhshhh
  • go through
  •  snake
  • wiggle


  • say nothing, just indicate
  • hup
  • up
  • over
  • jump
  • big (for spread jumps)


  • bang
  • teeter
  • see-saw

Dog walk

  • walk it
  • climb


  • tunnel
  • go through
  • zoom
  • pipe
  • zip
  • cave

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