Teaching the Broadjump

As I trial predominately in AAC style agility, I don’t ever see this obstacle. BUT it comes up in World Class events as well as in other organization. So knowing how to train this obstacle seems like a good idea.
broad jumpbroad jump

This is a broad jump.  🙂  It’s made longer or shorted by addition or removal of sections.

How to train, mix and match as needed. 🙂

1. train it using a different command than jump, or not.  Depends on dog and how well they can generalize commands.

2. lay a towel on the floor and teach your dog to jump over the towel, transition that to boards.

3.  put a section of chicken wire across the broad jump. Apparently the dogs did not like the feel of it and would jump instead of walking over it.

4. teach your dog a command that means JUMP over something not just get over it somehow.  Even if it’s just a piece of rope on the ground.  Teach a JUMP over command (even if they can just walk over it).

5. Turn the first board on it’s edge so it visually looks more like a jump.  Get him to consistently jump over that and then lay it flat again.


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