Course Markers

People ask: what do folks use for cheap course markers?

Any of the following:

  • upside down pails – small ones like for sandboxes
  • upside down flower pots
  • wooden flats held together with a small piano hinge
  • cones from dollar store
  • rounds of PVC cut into 6-8 inch lengths
  • go to a horse shop and buy course markers there
  • 22 oz tumber cups from any dollar store
  • soccer cones
  • Hefty interlocking plates filled with sand. (They are plastic picnic plates with little snap-together edges, so you can use one plate as a cover for another.) and then use a set of stick on numbers at the hardware store — these won’t blow around
  • stackable heavy plastic bowls that won’t tip over
  • large plastic tumblers
  • stick on number sheets can be found at most office supply stores, or use permanent magic markers

As you can see, basically circular or cone shaped that will stand upright that you can think of just might work. See what you can figure. For at home use you certainly don’t need fancy. 🙂

If you have any suggestions just leave them in the comment box. 🙂


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