Contact Surfaces for Agility Equipment

A question often raised is how does one make a good contact surface for agility equipment.   Equipment such as the aframe, table, teetertotter (seesaw), and dog walk.

NADAC has approve a rubberized material for their contact equipment.  So if you are making trial quality equipment to their specs then you must follow their rules.     This of course goes for any for trial quality equipment you are making.  Make it suit the organization(s) that you will be holding trials for.    If your equipment is for home use only, then play around with what you feel comfortable doing.

So, covering the contact area

  1. paint, layer a thin layer of sand,  brush off access onto something so you can gather it up, paint, sand reuse what you can and/or add more, and paint.
  2. as above but use fine sawdust instead.
  3. Purchase  Skid Resistant paint.  This might come as a premixed paint, or as a package that you add to the paint and mix yourself.

These three are the most common used.  Perhaps you have something else that will work.

What people have found does not work:

Old roofing shingles (get too hot and sticky), carpet (for dogs who don’t like to get wet, wet carpet is just a no go for them), Gravel or very coarse sand used as paint/sand mix, etc.


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