Small Dogs and the A-frame

Small dogs often have issues about how to get up and over the aframe.

It would appear that a few different approaches can help

  1. build up their leg muscles – walk up hills, go swimming, take stairs often, etc.
  2. build rear end awareness – off leash running through wooded areas, ladder work, walking over different types of surfaces etc.
  3. need for speed before approaching the a-frame – build the momentum to help carry the dog over
  4. start low and be successful and then work your way up to full height
  5. for some dogs, making it fun,fun, fun is the way to go.  High value treats.  Do this and then we get to do something you really like to do.  Build the association that the a-frame is not something to be avoided.
  6.  Build your own equipment at home, does not need to be made to spec, just a couple of doors hinged together, or plywood hinged over a sawhorse, etc.  Just something that you can work with that helps you train your dog that he/she can do this obstacle.
  7. Make sure your dog is fit.  A dog in good condition should be able to easily navigate this obstacle.
  8. Make sure the dog is healthy.  If the back is sore, then climbing the a-frame might be asking too much of him/her.

That’s all I and other minds have come up with, if you can think of anything else, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.


4 thoughts on “Small Dogs and the A-frame

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  2. My sheltie seems to have trouble with teeter, dog walk, and a-frame only on the upward part. As soon as she hits the middle where she can run down it, she is OK. My trainer is having me work on a wobble board, but how do I get over this upward fear?

  3. you need to figure out why she is having trouble.

    is it lack of confidence?
    is she afraid?
    is she uncertain of her footing?

    have you been rewarding her enough?

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