Head butt or bite?

So….would you prefer to be bitten or head butted?

That it seems is the politically correct question to ask these days.

Check out what the Welsh police department is teaching their canine division these days.

Does seem to lack a bit in common sense.

1. how do they tackle a target running away.

2. are they still able to defend themselves against a determined criminal

3. how do they combat the stupidity factor?  Just seems stupid.  Most criminals aren’t going to be facing you down…they are going to be trying to escape.  Teach the dog to trip them up and hold them down…makes more sense to me….

4. Compensating folks for getting bitten by a police dog>>>what’s with that.  I assume they warn the individual first and then well gee… give it up or get bitten.  Do they compensate people if they get shot by a cop too?

I applaud the thinking outside the box, but at the same time I wonder about overall effectiveness of such a technique in daily life.


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