So I went to the site of a commentor, K9obedience.co.uk, as I’m a curious soul who likes to check people out.  🙂

Anyways, noticed on their site that they are giving away a free e-book called the Essential Guide  To your Dog.  So I downloaded it (you get the link to it by joining their newsletter list).

It’s not a bad e-book overall.   Everything in it you can get at your local library or by doing some good research on-line. Not a whole lot in it was new to me, but I’m a bit nutsy about dogs so that’s me.  🙂    They go into the histories of various dogs.
I didn’t much care for the editorializing at the end of the book, BUT I am not a UK resident.  I’m Canadian.  I deal with different issues over here (aka breed specific legislation).  YES, I care deeply about animal welfare and think more can be done about it, but I don’t like supporting stuff if I don’t know what their overall end agenda is.  For instance, some pet welfare programs look good, but if one really searches into them, one discovers that their end aim is the elimination of all domestic pet ownership, or mandatory spay/neuter programs etc.  Don’t like that.

Not saying that this is what K9 obedience is into.  Don’t get me wrong on that.  From what I read of them throughout their pages they seem fairly well-balanced.  Their approach seems to be much like mine…take the good in stuff TOSS the bad.  Work for the better end, and try to discourage the not so good stuff.   I just would have preferred a free download to not have the baggage attached to it.


5 thoughts on “e-book

  1. Hi there,
    I am the editor and head trainer at http://www.K9Obedience.co.uk and someone alerted me to your post here on this lovely blog (lovely pic, Canada is a dream for me, have friends in Toronto 🙂 )

    Thanks very much for your intelligent critique.

    Just wanted to make a few points so you DO know what our ‘agenda’ is, and from what little you say about yours, i think we are perfectly aligned!

    In the UK we are going ever more dangerously towards dog fascism. Much of our government’s legislation recently is following the lead given by Germany, where dogs can be banned due to one incident drummed up to a level of public hysteria by the growing power of the media.

    We are trying to build a base of support here in the UK to UNBAN breeds which have been wrongly banned, choosing to punish a breed rather than mankind’s ignorance or irresponsible handling of dogs of certain breeds, and it isn’t easy to tell you the truth.

    In addition i am quite surprised to hear that you don’t believe in mass neutering of dogs. I am however pleased to hear you say that! 90% of people (here in UK at least) believe the only way to prevent masses of strays and rescues sitting behind bars is to chop bits off of ALL dogs. As an experienced behaviourist, i mostly take issue based on the level of UNSTUDIED (but for me, DEFINITELY OBVIOUS) behaviour problems and character changes caused by such mutilation. There is no basis to this argument, but i find constant resistance to my own ideas because people are brainwashed by vets (who make a fortune from perpetuating this myth) and media alike. If you look in our forum, if you are interested of course, then you will find much more of our true philosophy, approach and techniques to dogs and training. If you don’t have the time, which i would understand being a 16 hour a day man myself 🙂 then suffice to say, my belief is that to chop up a dog (or however else you want to put it) simply as a knee-jerk reaction to man’s inability to care for a creature which was created by US in the first place, is nothing short of ignorant and disgusting.

    Whats more, it would change a thing, as the problem with the overpopulation of dogs in this country (by that i mean the amount of dog sitting in rescues, unwanted by anyone) is caused mostly by small profitable puppy farm enterprises which breed many litters a year, and the pups they can’t find homes for are either drowned or “disposed of” in some other equally disgusting way, or dumped on the doorstep of a rescue shelter. I am undecided as to which is worse, having seen both. Neither are acceptable.
    Therefore if all the responsible owners in the entire country decided to neuter their dogs, we would still have the same amount of unwanted pups everywhere, BUT we would ALSO have (in my view) MANY more dogs suffering from behaviour problems caused by their brain chemistry being tampered with so early, or at all for that matter.

    So there is my view, if it interests you at all 🙂

    I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression, and whilst you were kindly fair and stated clearly that you didn’t know our ‘agenda’, i thought i would at least offer a bit of it for you.

    You are right when you say that the information in our ebook (FREE remember!) is widely available in any library, but on the other hand, nobody in the UK goes to the library any more, and if we can get just a few people to LEARN about dogs and where they came from, and WHY, then i personally feel very satisfied that i have added something to the overall experience dogs have in the UK with often ignorant owners. You also state that you learned nothing much from the ebook and all i can say to that is GOOD! It means you are a well-educated doggie person who is most likely a fantastic owner for your dogs, which is GREAT! For many of our readers, some of the facts and information in the ebook is a total shock to them, which yes i admit is incredible, but true nonetheless!

    So, thanks again for commenting, and i hope this at least explains just a little of our beliefs and basis for our interest in dogs, which is no doubt the same as yours, LOVE and ADMIRATION of such an incredible creature, without which we would not be where we are today (in the UK at least!). Dogs made the entire agricultural revolution (the biggest revolution in the UK ever) possible, without collie dogs to herd distant rough terrain in the Scottish and Welsh highlands, farming would not have boomed this country’s economy and we simply wouldn’t be where we are today with it. Maybe that would mean that our country wouldn’t have been able to bomb many other countries senseless, so i am a bit divided on whether it was a good thing or not! But the main thing is that whats done is done, and now that we have developed all these wonderful breeds and creatures, it is OUR JOB to look after them, both individually and as a group of dependant animals within our fast crumbling society 🙂

    Take care, thanks again, and glad to hear from someone in such an awe-inspiring country!

    Martin Popham

  2. Just re-read this comment. Neutering and spaying isn’t “chopping” off bits. It’s helping people control the pet population. Not a bad thing to do especially when many people out there have NO clue how to control the dog that they do have. Good spay/neuter programs help with that.

    Differences in character….yes, some dogs you spay/neuter them their character changes….for the good! Less aggression, less drive to run away and so forth. Have to see the good in it as well.

    Consider too…how many dogs would be dumped if there weren’t spay/neuter programs. people would get tired of having puppies to deal with, so adult dog would get dumped and they are always harder to place.

    I can somewhat see your point, but I disagree with it. 🙂

  3. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about
    this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you
    could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit,
    but instead of that, this is excellent blog.
    A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

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