How to Make your Own Tug-toy (for your dog that is)

NOTE: not my own instructions, Kept off a list that I used to be on a while back.

First, the warnings:

1. Never leave the dog unattended with any toy if it is a heavy chewer. Even Kongs can splinter and shred and cause illness or injury.

2. The industrial Kongs (black tire material) are much better for heavy chewers/tuggers.

*To make your own toy:

Buy 2 small-medium Kong toys, I’m talking the black heavy duty medium size.
With a hacksaw, carefully cut off some of the top to create a larger hole.

Buy 2 yards of fake fleece material, the synthetic sheepskin. It will be 40-60″ wide. Cut it the long way, into 72″ long strips, about 3″ wide each.

Take the 3 strips,hold them together and tie a knot in one end. Then braid. About 8″ down, tie a knot. Feed the ends (the unbraided, unknotted ends) through the KONG you modified, then tie another knot to hold it all snug.
Continue braiding.

About a foot from the end, tie another knot. Slide the ends through the second modified KONG, knot. Finish braiding to the end, and knot.

Now you have a tug the dog can really sink his teeth into. The synthetic sheepskin is very durable, the kongs add weight and a better grip for a large mouthed dog.

Okay: check out this blog for making your own tennis ball tug and toss and this one for making a sock ball sock for your dog.  That last one made me think of one of my Sassy’s favourite toys when she was little.  Two or three old socks NOT WASHED, and knotted together in a row.  FUN FUN!  🙂


6 thoughts on “How to Make your Own Tug-toy (for your dog that is)

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  2. Good ideas on making a tug toy. The idea of combining different plush toys with the rope may turn out to be an entertaining dog toy that will amuse them for hours. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a great idea and I already have one of those black Kongs – I’m sure your home made tug toy would be stronger than a shop one and you could always repair it – great info thanks.

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