China, poisons and dogs toys

So one of the forums that I am on pointed me to this article.   It’s about how many dog toys are made in China and how many of them contain toxic ingredients.

Anyways, that article pointed my way to a couple of make your own dog toy sites.

Fleece tug ropes and dishtowel tugs.

This of course led me to search the web for other dog toys one can make at home.   Ideas include these:

  •  paper towel roll and peanut butter — I’d have to wonder about the safety of this for a dog, but for rats and mice…..what a lovely idea.  🙂
  • Tennis ball tug and toss.
  • Sock toys
  • variety of ideas here.  The whipwhir sounds like something my dog Sassy would like


4 thoughts on “China, poisons and dogs toys

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  2. Hi, just came across your interesting blog and I’ve added it to my Google Reader so I can check it regularly.
    Re toys for dogs, that’s a topic I’m interested in and I posted about it also. The link to my first collection of information from around the Web is
    I also talked about it in the next couple of days after that.
    I’m really into toys that develop a dog’s intelligence, toys where you play with the dog, not so much toys for solitary play.

  3. there’s advantage to both, parlance. And thanks for stopping by. 🙂

    Dogs, like children, need to learn to entertain themselves too. But if one wishes to do any type of dog sport with them, having a dog who is solely content in him/herself is not very helpful either.

  4. I read somewhere that chocolates are not good for dogs as well as human toothpaste. So no matter how much I want my dogs to enjoy my favorite food, I stop myself from giving them. Anyway I treat them regularly with toys to play and chew… the last one I got is from biteem

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