Channel Weaves – closing the gap

People will often mention they have a problem being able to close channel weaves all the way down, and wonder what they can do to help their dog learn to weave properly.

  1. use wire guides or chicken wire. Attach the wire guides OR get 24″ tall chicken wire. Wired the cages to the poles. Push the poles completely together and start sending your dog through. When the dog misses a pole, the dog hits the wire correcting him/her self. Can still take time to learn the muscle memory but reduces handler need to babysit and teaches the dog to think it through.
  2. Backchain using a lure. Close up the last one or two weaves and then use the lure to build up speed through. Then slowly backchain the rest.
  3. Close one or two poles in the middle leaving the rest open. Close the rest slowly as the dog learns.

As to when to start training the weave poles….don’t start until the pup is grown up some. Usually at least one year old, sometimes older depending on the size of dog. Wait til the growth plates close (most dogs that is by 1.5 years old).


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