Teaching the Weaves

Arguably one of the toughest obstacles to teach a good, independent and fast performance.

Things to keep in mind:

  • you want your dog focusing on the weaves and making decisions, not focusing on you.
  • you want your dog to get the correct entry regardless of where you are standing
  • you want your dog to do them as quickly as possibly without missing any poles

Methods that are used to teach weaves:

  1. Luring
  2. 2 by 2
  3. channel weaves
  4. Weave-a-matics
  5. Shaping using clicker training

Each method will have it’s pros and cons.

  • Luring… Teaches good footing quickly, but how does one fade the lure and hand-signals?
  • 2 by 2 … fastest way to teach correct entries, may take time to add new poles
  • channels – dogs learn speed then need to learn how to maintain speed while weaving,
  • Weave-a-matics — teaches good footing early on, speed can come easily, but closing the weaves all the way can take time
  • clicker training — takes time and patience.  Can go quickly if you have a clicker savvy dog.

There may be other methods to training, but these are the ones that I know.


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