Murphy’s Oil Soap

Found the following write up here: WGD Facts

What Makes a Good Dog Shampoo?

I’ve been using Murphy’s Oil Soap to bathe dogs for at least 10 years since I first heard it was a mild, organic shampoo that killed fleas. Before using it on my dogs, I called the company and verified the information that it was safe. At that time, one of the recommended uses was pet shampoos. Recently (a year or two?? ago) the company was bought by one of the “big guys”. They no longer recommend this use, but do *not* say “don’t use it”. They do say that the formula has not been changed since they bought it.

Also beforeusing it on my dogs, I tested the pH with litmus paper and tried a drop in my own eye to evaluate burning. I found a mild burn that rinsed out easily with water–better than my own shampoo I was using at the time!!

1. Mild
2. Organic (pine bark)
3. pH is right for dogs
4. mild to no eye irritation (I don’t protect the eyes when using this)
5. rinses in and out easily (better than the expensive shampoo I have as an      alternative)
6. pleasant fragrance that doesn’t linger
7. inexpensive
8. cleans the bathroom when you’re through
9. available anywhere
10.leaves the coat silky and shiny
11.kills fleas


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