Rain Gear

Don’t know about you, but getting soaked while at an agility trial or out at some function or other isn’t my idea of a whole lot of fun so….

Here are some suggestions from agility folk…I haven’t tried them. I just do the simple dollar store plastic garbage bag with a good hat…works for me… and then I stay out of the rain as much as possible. Plus…unless it’s a cold rain…a wee bit of water isn’t gonna kill a person. 🙂

  • cabela’s among the many things they do in primarily hunting/fishing tcthey also do rain gear
  • frogg togg’s. Some like their stuff, others don’t.
  • marmot precip rain gear
  • one happy customer says:

    I got the Marmot precip raingear from cleanrun and so far I am VERY happy with it. It helped me get through quite a serious torrential storm that lasted a week, and just amazing how much more comfortable than any other raingear I’ve ever had. My daughter opted for a marmot made of gortex ……, and she seems happy with her stuff too. I really like all the Marmot stuff we have. The raingear I do NOT recommend is anything is anything with a DWR coating that washes off, because we have had just terrible luck with those, in spite of following all the recommended care.


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