Tire Jumps

So the tire jump is not just a simple no fault jump. It can often be the scene of some fairly horrendous crashes. It has been the topic of much debate on agility lists as of late.

One lady came up with a possible solution. Of course, since her jump uses drainage pipe, over time there is the distinct possibility that her pipe would become more of an oval than a circle and need, therefore, to be replaced.

Other solutions include using displaceable tires. One can use magnets or I’m not sure…self-healing material (that stuff that comes back to it’s original shape naturally).  Examples of these are

  • a version of NADAC approved tire jump
  • plus there are ones that use a magnet on foam.  BUT I can’t find a picture or video of this.  If anyone out there has better success, let me know and I’ll put the link in. 🙂

Of one could go with the standard tire jump and just be careful to train your dog to jump it cleanly and from a variety of angles OR train yourself to always give your dog a straight path through the tire jump.   Examples of standard tire jumps:


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