Have Faith in Your Dog

Written by Lisa Flowers for use in her dog training classes.

H = Have a PLAN before you begin to teach your dog something!
A = Always expect the same behavior-ie..sit always means sit!
V = vary your training sessions and keep them short! (5-10 minutes)
E = expect to experience the behavior you reward!

F = follow thru with each command-never give a command you cannot reinforce!
A = allow no gray into your relationship with your dog! Black & white!
I = ignore the negative—-reward the positive!
T = the more consistent you are-the more consistent your dog will be!
H = hyper dogs are harder to teach—go for a walk!

I = it is never too late to teach your dog something!
N = “NO” is not your dog’s first name!

Y = you determine how your dog will behave!
O = opportunities to train your dog are limited by your imagination!
U = use your dog’s name only if you need to get their attention!
R = “release” words end a behavior! Ie…”OK”, “FREE”

D = dog’s come from the womb needing a leader!
O = our job is to be the leader!
G = God made them to love you unconditionally-love them back the same way!

Property of HAVE FAITH IN YOUR DOG *2008*

As lisa says: ” Please share with anyone/everyone you want!  Those are just ideas I have adapted in my handling and teaching.  I didn’t make em up by any means…I just put them in something cute to give to people in my class so they could remember.”