Canada Day is Here, Fourth of July is coming

Remember many dogs DO NOT like fireworks. July 1st can be one of the  busiest day of the year at animal shelters around the country. Pets are usually found miles from their homes, confused, disoriented, exhausted, and often times injured.

Here are a few points to keep your pet safe during fireworks displays.

*  DON’T TAKE THEM.  It’s that plain and simple.

*  Don’t put your pet outside to wait for you to return home. Dogs left in backyards often get frightened and will climb or jump the tallest of fences. Dogs left on chains can snap the chain or injure themselves trying to get away.

*  If fireworks or loud noises upset your pet, make sure someone stays with them. We have seen dogs go through glass windows to escape. If you wish to tranquilize your pet, consult with your veterinarian;

*  If you plan on leaving your pet in the care of a friend for the weekend, please make sure they are aware of your pet’s behaviour, so they can take steps prior to the evening activities

*  Keep your dog inside during the festivities, and if possible, don’t leave him alone in the house.
*  Muffle the noise of the fireworks as much as possible by closing your windows and turn on the radio or television.
*  Make sure he has access to his crate or “safe place” during the show, and casually toss him a treat once in a while.
*  Talk to your dog in an upbeat voice and go about your usual activities. Coddling or babying isn’t advised: your dog takes his cues from you, so if he senses that you’re confident and unafraid, he’ll be more likely to respond in kind.

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