Free E-book on Why Not to Vaccinate

Okay…will post this for folks interested.   BUT will include this cautionary note.   NOTE: I am NOT an advocate of never vaccinating your dog.  I do believe that dogs are over-vaccinated, and the with some breeds, waiting until the dog is older to start the whole process is better (aka the collie breeds).   Rabies…ever other year max, get titers done if you can afford to do so, and once the dog hits old age for that breed…. his titers should be well-established.  GET heartworm if you are heartworm prone areas.  Do your research … consider this part of that.  BUT don’t accept everything in this e-book as the ONLY way to do things.

FREE eBook by Pat McKay: ‘Natural Immunity – Why You Should NOT Vaccinate’ is available at the following URL…

Natural Immunity – Why You Should NOT Vaccinate is now out of print and rather than reprinting it, author Pat McKay is giving the world a wonderful gift by making it available FREE to all the world! It is an excellent
starting point for anyone who has ever questioned the practice of vaccination.

Pat says please read this book, and pass it on to anyone and everyone – and in any format you like.

Express permission has been given for it to be freely distributed; as email attachment, copied to CD, printed out or read on line!


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