Dog Treats – Sweet Potato

There are folks out there who for one reason or the other do not give wheat products to their dogs.   Could be allergies, or a firm focus on whole prey raw feeding or whatever.   What follows is not my own recipe but was taken from a group that I am part of.

Here’s a recipe that might help for giving your dog a treat:

This can be soft or crisp:

One sweet potato. Scrub clean. Slice in thin slices lengthwise.
Bake on a cookie sheet in (toaster oven is what I used) @ 250 deg F.  for 3 – 4 hrs.

I only do one sweet potato at a time; that’s why the toaster oven.

And sometimes dogs like them sometimes they don’ no waste…goes in the garden composter if that’s not the flavour of the week.
Store in open container or they will go moldy.

Some people sprinkle garlic powder on the slices before they bake.

NOTE: I should think this could be done with carrots as well.   OR done using a dehydrator.   Then you could do apples and banana as well.  Or very thin slices of beef/chicken/liver etc.


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