Hay Racks for Bunnies

Bunnies like and need hay.  It gives them something to munch on without getting fat, and gives them fiber to keep things moving along.  Both are important for rabbits.

Given a chance though…rabbits will sit in their food to eat it.  This results in a fair amount of spoilage.

Hay racks help prevent spoilage.

Here are some pages on either hay racks to purchase or that can be made.

Rabbitweb: how to make a hay rack

Using a Suet Holder

Guinea Pig hay rack(works for rabbits too)

ZooPlus has this idea for a hay rack

Other ideas that I have heard.

  • Use a toilet paper roll, or any roll that is paper and stuff it full of hay.
  • PVC piping…either leave it whole and cram the hay in, or cut it in half and mount up high on the cage
  • place hay on the top of the cage so they need to pull it through
  • use leftover cage wire to make a basket
  • use soup or mushroom cans…carefully filing down sharp edges – put hay in them fairly tightly
  • wrapping the hay around itself and suspending it from the cage roof
  • using hay balls that you can get at pet stores

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