Odour Control in the Rabbitry

Lots of things a person can do about odour in the rabbitry

  1. apple cider vinegar in the water (1 tbsp/gallon) helps to reduce the smell of the urine
  2. cleanliness!
  3. peat moss
  4. lime
  5. baking soda
  6. horse stall bedding – which is compressed sawdust.  works really well.
  7. products such as abate xp : these words from a user of it

There’s a product called ABATE XP which is really outstanding at all odor  control/neutralization. Worst case, when I had to scrape the entire rabbit  area down to black STINKY gunk, a pound of this stuff, sprinkled dry, then  lightly watered, on a 40×40 foot area….totally eliminated ALL odor within  2 hours. That’s pretty darn impressive!


More detailed info:
Home use: http://agritectx.com/abatehom.html
Farm use: http://agritectx.com/abatefrm.html


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