Siberian Cats

I was over at the Pet Connection blog and learned something new. Apparently there is a breed of cat called the Siberian Cat that can be hypoallergenic. NOTE the operative word is CAN BE hypoallergenic. In other words, for some people with cat allergies this cat breed might work for them.

Some words from Pet Connection Blog

Now, before you run off to some Internet kitty-mill site to order a Siberian from someone jumping on to the bandwagon, stop. Not all Siberians have the potential to be lower in allergy triggers and not all low-allergy Siberians will work for all allergy sufferers. You need to be careful to work with a reputable breeder who’s testing the cats for both allergy levels and the health problems (heart, in this breed) that can pop up. And you need to make sure you, personally, are not sneezing and wheezing around the breeder’s cats.

So it was neat to learn something new. 🙂

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