Soft Sided Crates

A question often asked on dog lists is one about soft-sided crates and what folks recommend. here are some ideas for you with comments from people.

Canine Camper – It’s easy to set-up and take down. It has a carrying case for easy transport. Plus the crate has “flaps” on all 4 sides so it has plenty of ventilation and allows for some quiet time, if needed.

E-Z Crates – E-Z Crates are crates that are loved, but they not longer manufacture them. The E-Z Crate is very light weight and easy to set up.

Petsmart Soft-sided – it is the easiest one to set up and there is plenty of ventilation and it is very durable.

Sturdi Crate for airplane travel.

Or you could try those collaspible children tents/kiddy crates for taking to the beach. Don’t cost much, can get them at toysrus and other such places. For the price, with a small dog, or a careful dog they might be just the ticket.

For other crate ideas, just google search soft-sided dog crates and you’ll come up with lots of pages to research. 🙂

Like with any item, a dog needs to be trained in the use of this. It is soft-sided. That means a rough, rambuctious dog, or a dog that paws at the crate sides might not be the best fit with this type of crate until it is trained to be calm and quiet in it.

The advantages are, they tend to fold up flat, and can be taken therefore most anywhere. They are light-weight, tend to be space-efficient, and sometimes can be repaired if they are damaged. Since they are soft-sided they can be squished in a bit to maximize space.