Products for Dogs with Feet Problems

One person says

“paws were “almost” healed…meaning,that they weren’t sore to touch, but were still visible, I would use liquid Band-Aid on it as a protective seal when I’d take him out on walks, especially if it was wet outside. This would help keep things from starting to peel again. This can come in different forms…some kinds you dab on with a Q-tip type applicator…some you brush on like nail polish and other types you spray on.”

One vet recommends a product for

“field trial people, whose retrievers get damaged pads on the rough terrain. It’s just like Tuff-foot The product she has is called Pad Tough. It basically has the same ingredients in it as the other ones do….some type of tree oils that you apply regularly to the dog’s feet and over time you notice that they get thicker and harder.  This version comes in a spray bottle, but you can also unscrew the top and apply with a cotton ball, or dip a Q-tip in it and paint it on the dog’s pad if you’d like to.”

Neopaws designs safety pet apparel. Their boots have been used for search and rescue dogs, Neopaws donated their boots to the dogs involved in search and rescue at 911’s ground zero. I have thought that these boots would be good to protect from the cold ice,snow,and salt on the side walks etc., as well as keeping vet wrapped feet for dogs recovering from various injury.

You could apply a paw wax.  There are a variety of products out there. The key is remembering to apply ahead of time.  🙂

MuttLuks is a boot like product.  They stay on well and are more flexible – less irritating for them. With leather soles, and different top material depending on your situation.

finding some “tuf pad” or musher’s magic to help toughen up his feet in the summer.

all in all…There are a variety of ways to protect a dogs foot, boots for protection against everything, applications that can strengthen the pad, and application like wax that prevent salt damage.

There are some that believe the best way to strengthen a dog’s pads are to just let them run and be dogs. Don’t just walk them on grass, but let them run through bushes, over pavement, free runs through the woods, over gravel and such like.  Through doing such activities the pad is naturally strengthened.  You want a pad that is tough and dry.

This would be my preference .  Protect the foot a bit at first, but basically just let it get stronger on it’s own.  Makes for a healthier dog in the long run.