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So I went to the site of a commentor,, as I’m a curious soul who likes to check people out.  🙂

Anyways, noticed on their site that they are giving away a free e-book called the Essential Guide  To your Dog.  So I downloaded it (you get the link to it by joining their newsletter list).

It’s not a bad e-book overall.   Everything in it you can get at your local library or by doing some good research on-line. Not a whole lot in it was new to me, but I’m a bit nutsy about dogs so that’s me.  🙂    They go into the histories of various dogs.
I didn’t much care for the editorializing at the end of the book, BUT I am not a UK resident.  I’m Canadian.  I deal with different issues over here (aka breed specific legislation).  YES, I care deeply about animal welfare and think more can be done about it, but I don’t like supporting stuff if I don’t know what their overall end agenda is.  For instance, some pet welfare programs look good, but if one really searches into them, one discovers that their end aim is the elimination of all domestic pet ownership, or mandatory spay/neuter programs etc.  Don’t like that.

Not saying that this is what K9 obedience is into.  Don’t get me wrong on that.  From what I read of them throughout their pages they seem fairly well-balanced.  Their approach seems to be much like mine…take the good in stuff TOSS the bad.  Work for the better end, and try to discourage the not so good stuff.   I just would have preferred a free download to not have the baggage attached to it.