Rabbit housing

Okay… as you might or might not know, we raise rabbits. We keep them outside because … well…it works for us. 🙂 They are safe, relatively easy to care for and no smell.

We have some babies that need to be tamed so I thought I’d look into some options for keeping them in the house for a bit in a easy to contain manner that would limit odours as well. This is important to me.

So this is what I came up with…..an x-pen.


I found this picture here. Looks nice doesn’t it?

That same page gave me this information as well:

Housing your rabbit in an exercise pen (commonly known as an x-pen) can be a big improvement over the idea of a cage. With a cage your rabbit’s space can be limited and he can become frustrated at being in a smaller space when you are away or asleep at night. X-pen living gives bunny more space, while still keeping him safely contained, during those times when you are not at home or need to keep bunny enclosed. Even for “jumpers” x-pens can be a good choice, simply by attaching some shade cloth (found in garden centers) or special-made wire tops made by pen manufacturers.

Bunny’s x-pen not only holds his litter box, water and food dishes, but it can also hold a Cottontail Cottage, toys, and most anything he desires. What really makes them great is:
1) You’re getting more space for your money (x-pens cost the same or less than most rabbit cages).

2) Bunny has more room to roam and feels “freer” while still in a safe place.

3) Pens are flexible and can be configured in any shape to suit your available space.

4) They are easy to clean and portable, too.

If you want to know more about the advantages and see more variations in how to set up x-pens check out these links.

There are other ways to house rabbits as well

Building them an outdoor hutch.

Building them a home out of office storage cubes.

More on Rabbit housing here.

The biggest thing is to give them as much space as you possibly can.

Makes for a happier and better behaved rabbit in the long run.