Fly Traps

Keeping flies away is imporant in a rabbitry.  Helps to prevent fly strike!  (you just don’t want to go there …not a fun place to be).

Numerous things can be done to keep flies populations down.

  1. keep things clean!  Can’t stress that enough, the cleaner and drier your rabbitry is, and the cleaner and drier your rabbits are, the less flies you’ll have around.
  2. keep your compost and/or manure pile away from the rabbits by at least 10 feet.
  3. hang small  ziploc bags filled with water and 5-6 pennies – not sure why it works, but it does.
  4. hang wasp traps to catch the persistent ones.     what works for me is to use three different traps, each filled differently
  • a wee bit of meat suspended in water – catches meat bees and flies
  • pickle juice – catches those icky pickle bugs and the fruit flies
  • lemonade – catches almost everything

If you do get fly strike time is of the essence as the toxins released by the growing maggots will kill a rabbit swiftly.

Remove all maggots, give a flush to the area with peroxide, and just hope that you got them all.  REMOVE the rabbit to someplace with zero fly population and just hope that she makes it.

I’ve used ivermectin before which acts quickly, but you’re still just hoping that the rabbit will want to live.

Here are some other methods that people have used.  I can’t vouch for them, but if they work for you YEAH!!!

  1. There is an old fly trap I use to make every year for the cow barn, and in between the barn and the house for flys. I catchs wasps too. Take a plastic milk jug, clean, and stuff in a whole banana peel. On the stove, boil the sugar and vinagar until all sugar is desolved. Pour inside the jug, over the peel. Swirl around the mixture so the peel is covered. There you go. Now sit the jug outside. The flys crawl in the opening and head for the sugar. But something in the banana will kill them. They died in layers. At the end of the summer, you could have 8″ of dead flys, and it doesnt smell. We just take the jugs down andthrow the whole thing away. I have made these for years, and they never fail…1 cup water,1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 vinegar   OR  2 cups sugar, 2 cups vinegar and 1 banana peel
  2. I make a similar fly trap using a glass jar..
    I poke holes in the top of the metal lid..big enough for flies to crawl through.
    I mix 1/4c white vinegar,1/4c sugar ,1c water
    Mix and put in jar and it fills up with flies in no time.

Insect repellant ideas

Question posed on Agilcan yahoo group.

Can anyone recommend a dog friendly insect repellent – something that
deters flies as well as mosquitoes would be great. Vendor/retailer
name is helpful too.

Answers given

UltraSheild horse fly spray, advertises that it is safe to use on dogs

Debbie says

I live in the mosquito capital of Eastern Ontario and I use Natrapel on my cockers and setters. It is available from Mountain Equipment Co-op. I just spray it behind their ears and down the centre of their spine (areas they normally don’t lick) and the places the bugs seem to land most. It lasts for several hours

Then there is Sadie’s Place which has a body guard product.

A homeopathic recipe: Mix 1 oz Oil of Geranium mixed with 8 oz Witch Hazel in a spray bottle. Shake before each use because the oil will float to the top.

A sheet of Fleecy (fabric softener) is supposed to work as well. Rub it all over the dog (particularly areas bugs gather). Hang it from their kennel/hutch etc.