Agility Training Journal

Must say…the folks here seem to have a good product.

Have to say…I won’t get it, but I have tried it, but I have ONE dog doing agility. I do it for fun, titles and ribbons are nice, but it’s just fun. It’s a hobby that I’m not intense about.

If I thought that I’d want to compete nationally or even just regionally do really well. Or if I wanted to have multiple dogs running in agility, then I would think differently and find this product helpful.

Anyways, the folks at Flat Creek Studios have put together a professional agility journal. Takes all the work out of making a spreadsheet of your own. Makes it easy to track all your whats, wheres and whoto’s of trialing.

From their website:

The Agility Trial Journal is a comprehensive software solution for tracking and reporting competition progress, and for helping focus training efforts. In a familiar notebook style, the Agility Trial Journal places trial related information at one’s fingertips, and provides an intuitive way to track title progress and record issues and observations that may assist in shaping and achieving training goals. That goal is achieved each and every time a competitor’s progress recorded with the Agility Trial Journal matches that of the sanctioning organization.

Right now they even have a 30 day trial period. Download it, try it out.  You just might find it’s exactly what you are looking for. 🙂