Some You-Tube to check out

Dog tricks.   The handler is double World Agility Champion Silvia Trkman and the “funny”
merle dog is her amazing Pyrenean Sheepdog La, the BC is the puppy Bu.

Tricks Show – great free style from a world team agility champion

 Mary Ray on the Underdog Show.  It’s a good brace (two dogs)  routine

okay, not a dog, but a seal, still a bit of dance.  🙂

it is a French equestrienne rider and her Andalusian horse. Note that she is not using the reins at any point. So all moves are either done verbally or with other parts of her body. Exquisite presentation by both the horse and the person. It is about five minutes
long, but worth the time.  Check it out here.

and a made at home production (not my home) from Scout for Christmas.

Anyways, for all you canine freestylers out there, hope you get some ideas for training, and otherwise just enjoy them.  🙂